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New England Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Here in Maine we make pumpkin pie differently. We add good ole fashioned molasses to it and it gives it a truly unique taste. I’ll be baking pies today in preparation for Thanksgiving and you can bet that New England Pumpkin Pie is on my list to make. Enjoy!


1 can Pumpkin

1 tbsp. Cornstarch

1/2 tsp. Cinnamon

1/2 tsp. Ginger

1/2 tsp. Nutmeg

1/2 tsp. Salt (Scant)

1/2 tbsp. Butter (Melted)

1 1/2 cups Milk or 1-12 oz. can Evaporated Milk

1 cup Sugar

1/8 cupMolasses 

2 Eggs (beaten)


Sift Sugar, Cornstarch, Salt, Cinnamon, Ginger, & Nutmeg together. Mix this with contents of one can of Pumpkin. Add Eggs, beaten, Melted Butter, Molasses, & Milk. Add a dash of Lemon Juice (if desired). Line a 9-inch pie plate with your pie crust, pour in contents. Preheat oven & bake at 450 for 15 minutes. Then reduce temp. to 350 & continue to bake for 50 minutes.



I see you,
dancing in the salty breeze and
along the jut of the horizon.

I feel you,
in the smooth sand beneath my feet and on the firm rocks along the shore.

I hear you,
in the call of the seagulls and in the gentle lap of the waves.

I miss you,
deep within my heart and as the memories of you float through my mind, while I walk along this coastal shore.

Reflecting On Life


I sometimes I sit and reflect upon my life. Past successes and failures circle lazily through my mind and I replay events, often adding a different twist to them. I wonder what the outcomes might have been had I made a different choice, said something else or done things differently.

I am a strong believer in fate and feel that I am guided through life, not only by my own doings, but also through guidance by a power much greater than myself. How much of what has occurred in my life has been through my own actions and how much has been guidance, I may never know, but I do know this…I get out of life exactly what I put into it. If I strive for a positive outcome, I get it. It may not always be exactly what I had wanted, but it is something beneficial in the long run. If I look at something in a negative way, I will always find something negative within it. But mostly, I try to look at my life objectively and as an ongoing lesson.

I could choose to linger on the horrible things that have occurred within my life or choose only to see the good, but I feel that it is important to look at it all and to recognize that, good or bad, I have learned something from each experience and I, hopefully, will take that knowledge into the next chapter of my life and apply it in a constructive manner.

So no matter how much I wonder where my life might be if I had changed some small or large part of it, I am confident that I am right where I should be. I am also hopeful that I will do my best to learn from the past and continue to create a bright future.

Nothing is impossible, so open your mind to new possibilities and reach for the stars!

Lessons From A Springer Spaniel

Lilly Dog is a very important member of my family. She spends so much time by my side and has learned my daily routines so well that I rarely have to give her voice prompts. She knows when to sit, when to stay and has an inner clock that seems to know when everyone in the household is supposed to leave or come home.  Lilly has been such a sense of joy and comfort to me through the years and has taught me a lot.


These are ten things that I have learned from Lilly…

1. Love unconditionally, even if it sometimes is not returned.

2. Be patient and good things will come.

3. Pay attention to detail.

4. Exercise daily.

5. Be supportive of the people you love.

6. Play often.

7. Take naps.

8. Accept praise.

9. Listen to your gut instincts.

10. Find joy in each new day.

I hope to remain mindful of these lessons and to keep them in practice throughout my life. It just goes to prove that anyone can teach, if we are willing to listen. Thank you, Lilly!


Reach for your resources, not your sedative…


What’s In A Life

My grandmother passed away today at the age of ninety-six. She had been ill for the past six months and our family has been blessed to have the time to spend with her and to show her how much we loved her. As hard as it is to lose someone that I love so much, I feel blessed to have had her in my life for as long as I did. I also know that she has joined my grandfather, the love of her life, and they are together once more.

Saying goodbye to my grandmother has made me think a lot about life. So many of us are so caught up in the day-to-day grind that we forget how truly short our time on earth really is. How many of us step outside ourselves and really think about the person we are or the person we want to be? Do we strive to be present in the moment or do we spend most of our time chasing the mighty dollar? Too many days are filled by rushing from task to task without stopping to enjoy living. It makes me stop and think…our we leaving legacies that we could be proud of?

I hope that I am someone, like my grandmother, who has given more than she has taken. A person who has tried their best to help others, even when it has come with sacrifices. I want to be the type of person that people mourn the loss of and not someone who walked this earth with hate in my heart.

I’ve always said that it isn’t the objects you own or the money you have that people will remember you for when you’re gone, it is the memories and, ultimately, the love that you leave behind. That is truly what’s in a life.

Music Can Soothe The Savage Soul

Isn’t it incredible how hearing a particular song can move you back to a certain place or time. Music can rev you up for a fun evening out or sooth a broken heart. I have an eclectic taste in music and find that there is a song that I can relate to no matter what my mood may be. It has been my solace in the darkest of times and it has helped energize when times were good.

Our minds connect with musical rhythms on such a deep level. Research has found that listening to classical music while studying can stimulate brain activity due to the music’s complexity. Gentle tunes are played in nurseries to soothe the newborns. Our bodies are naturally drawn to music and want to embrace it. This is also evident when a song comes on that we don’t necessarily enjoy, but find our toe tapping to it anyways. We are connected to music on such a deep level.

Music is a legacy that I can pass on to my children. We listen to Melissa Etheridge every Sunday when we make brunch and the girls will ask why it isn’t on if I haven’t gotten around to starting the player. I know that when I am gone from this earth, my girls will hear a Melissa Etheridge song and think of me and our Sunday brunch, just as I think of my Muma when I hear Johnny Cash. Music can connect us to our loved ones long after they are gone.

Music can even be our voice when we cannot speak for ourselves. There have been times in my life when I have felt like no one knew what I was going through, but then I would find just the right song and feel that connection with the artist. I think Anna Nalick says it best in her song, Breathe. Her lyrics state, “Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud. And I know that you’ll use them, however you want to”. Isn’t that really what music is about? Using it or connecting to it however we want to?

When Did Everyone Stop Asking Me What I Wanted To Be When I Grow Up?

I pass by an older couple in the grocery store and overhear them asking a little girl what she wants to be when she grows up. This got me thinking about my own childhood and what my hopes and dreams had once been.

When I was a child, I always wanted to be a dancer. I spent countless hours watching Fame on TV as I danced around my living room, but as the years went by I found that there wasn’t a huge calling for dancers in Maine, go figure. So as I went off to college, I knew that I was going to study business and economics as that is what my grandfather stated was the most sensible thing to do, but in my heart lived an artist.

I have always needed to paint and to write. There are times that my heart spills over with all the things I need to say and I must release them in the form of prose or paint. There lurks a deep longing within my soul to express what lives inside of me and there are times that I fantasize about what it would be like to work as a writer or as an artist. I picture a life of days filled with brush strokes and creativity. Sometimes the fantasy is a life filled with the written word. Cleverly written novels line shelves in my study and they feature my picture and bio on the inside cover.

I like to think of these alternate lives when my everyday life becomes to blasé and my creative side longs to break out of my professional veneer. Perhaps my alter ego lives on another plane of existence with paint on her coveralls and a happiness deep within her heart. But, that is not my reality. I am a business woman, an instructor, someone who has to work for a living and not someone who can afford to be a “starving artist”. So, when the artist inside of me demands to pour out, I sit and pour my heart’s desires onto my blog or I grab a fresh canvas and begin to apply paint. Yet, somewhere deep inside is that child who just wishes that someone would ask me what I want to be when I grow up so that I could proudly proclaim, “an artist” and have my wish come true.

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